Club of young engineers "Tesla"
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Why don’t we have a robotics class, but a Club?
Because, like any club, we have our own long-standing traditions!

Joint trips to specialized exhibitions and competitions
Another important tradition of the Tesla Robotics Club is excursions.
We try not to miss important events that occur in the world of information technology and robotics. "Robofest", "MakerFair", "Geek Picnic" - these are the festivals that we definitely attend with our young engineers.
According to the tradition of our Club, such trips are planned in advance and the trip is carried out jointly. What does it mean?
  1. Each branch brings together young engineers and their parents who want to go.
  2. A bus is ordered for each branch.
  3. At the appointed hour, all young engineers meet at the festival and go on an excursion together.
It is important that the guys go to such events together. They get to know each other better and make friends. And, of course, they cheer for their comrades from the Club who take part in competitions held as part of a particular festival.
Imagine how powerful it is: more than 100 people wearing branded T-shirts chanting the name of the competition participant! With such support it is simply impossible to lose.

Famous tea breaks
Doing real robotics and programming for 120 minutes without a break is difficult. Young engineers definitely need to rest, and the robotics laboratory needs to be ventilated.
In the meantime, the laboratory is saturated with oxygen, mentors and young engineers go to the kitchen and drink tea and cookies. But this is not just the absorption of cookies and buns. Our goal is not to feed the guys "from the belly." During the break, the mentor tells news from the world of robotics, information technology, modern engineering, etc. And he definitely discusses this news with the guys.
The results of such discussions can be the most unexpected:
  • young engineers choose their future project, as happened after discussing the news about a robot drawing on walls;
  • The children choose their future profession, focusing on modern trends in science and technology. They don’t want to be drivers: unmanned vehicles are already a reality and are gradually replacing vehicles driven by people;
  • young engineers feel involved in the world of high technology and actively share this with their parents;
  • It also happens that after discussing the news, the guys start looking for additional information on a topic that interests them. The result is self-education and the search for useful information and its analysis.