Club of young engineers "Tesla"
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Program of Course
"Robotics Middle"
This course is intended for children aged 8-10 years.
There are three big parts to robotics:
  • electronics
  • mechanics
  • programming
For children taking the Course "Robotics Middle", all these three parts are covered in a volume that is appropriate for their age and allows them to prepare for the next Course "Robotics Project". Children at this age can already solder, drill and operate a 3D printer, program in visual and high-level programming languages, and understand electronics.
The course lasts 18 months. At every lesson, the young engineer always gets a result: a small victory that gives him an incentive to move on.
During the course you will need to purchase the following kits:
  • "Tesla.Quantum"
  • "Tesla.Bit"
  • Tesla.Byte"
These construction sets can be purchased at Clubs only as part of the course. These sets are not sold separately from the course.
What will young engineers study?