Club of young engineers "Tesla"
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Program of Course "Robotics Junior"
This course is intended for children aged 6-7 years.
There are three big parts to robotics:
  • electronics
  • mechanics
  • programming.
For children studying in the Course "Robotics Junior", all these three parts are covered in a volume that corresponds to their age and allows them to prepare for the next course "Robotics Middle". While it is too early for the kids to solder, drill and operate a 3D printer, they will do this in the next courses when they are a little older. But already at their age, one can and should begin to develop in each of the three components of robotics. This will help us:
  • in terms of electronics - the construction set "Znatok".
  • in terms of mechanics - a metal construction set.
  • in terms of programming - a set of classes using Scratch.
In about six months, it will be time for the guys to take a new step. The construction set "Tesla Micro:bit Start" will help them with this, which will give the children the opportunity to continue studying electronics and programming at a new level. Now they will create programs that not only control the “cat” on the monitor screen, but program a real microcontroller!
Well, when young engineers master microcontroller programming, it’s time to assemble and program their own robot. The kit "Micro:bit OTTO" will help them with this - with its help, the guys will assemble a real robot that will perform 4 different complex tasks.
What will young engineers study?