Club of young engineers "Tesla"
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Since 2014, we have been developing engineering thinking in children,
and give them honest career guidance.
With us, your child will learn to design, solder, drill and program. And he will want to do it. And here's how we'll do it:
  • We are learning programming
    Instead of computer games, we study the principles of computer operation. Instead of controlling a picture on a monitor, we learn how to build and program our own unique robot.
  • This is the Club
    STEM Club "Tesla" - Club of like-minded people, with networking and coffee breaks. We create a unique working atmosphere - complete immersion in work. We have many years of tradition.
  • We have a real workshop.
    In our work we use real tools, soldering irons, machines, 3D printers and measuring instruments. Each club has a robotics laboratory.
  • One lesson = one win.
    Our work is structured so that our colleagues achieve results every day with their own minds.
Learning new things is the most powerful way you can change the world for the better.

Mission of the Club Young Engineers "Tesla":
To provide knowledge and develop technical skills for children so that a new generation of engineers can grow up.

Our values:
Always long-term relationships built on honesty, mutual respect and focused on specific results.

Advantages of the STEM Club "Tesla"
  • Teachers
    • We have adult, experienced teachers. Everyone is a practicing engineer who creates complex devices and mechanisms.
    • All teachers undergo training at the “School of Teachers” and must pass exams. This is not a formality, but a strict procedure.
    • Once a school year, each teacher undergoes certification of knowledge and skills - standing still and not learning new things is simply unacceptable with us.
    • During the lesson, the teacher does not sit still, but approaches each young engineer in turn, paying attention to each one.
  • Club traditions
    • At each lesson there is a break with a traditional tea party, where the guys do not just drink tea with cookies, but discuss news from the world of IT, robotics, and high technology. The teacher not only tells the news, but also invites the children to discuss it.
    • Joint excursions to specialized enterprises and robotics festivals.
  • Optimal lesson format
    • There are no more than 8 children in the group.
    • The lesson lasts 120 minutes, not 90.
    • We have fully equipped robotics laboratories, equipped with everything necessary: each young engineer works on his own laptop, rather than 2 people per computer; soldering areas equipped with a hood, 3D printers, workbenches for processing materials: metal, plastic and wood; complete set of hand tools.
  • We care about parents
    • At least once a month, each parent receives a photo or video report from the young engineer’s lesson.
    • We support large families: they have discounts on visiting the Club.
    • If a child misses classes for any reason, then they can be worked out completely free of charge within two weeks from the date of absence.
    • Each young engineer has a personal account where you can track visits, receive information from a teacher and pay for subscriptions without visiting a branch.
    • Projects created by young engineers can be used as objects for project activities at school. The level of complexity of the projects is such that compared to their peers, our guys look head and shoulders above the rest. Parents do not have to do anything for their children - the children themselves can tell in detail about their project, describe in detail the assembly and configuration process - exactly what is valued when evaluating projects at school.
  • Rich program for the whole year
    • Each young engineer learns all the components of robotics: electronics, mechanics and programming, according to his age. Each lesson is as informative, rich and filled with practice as possible.
    • During the holidays, we conduct winter and summer intensive programs - intensive programs combining robotics classes, physical activities and various master classes.
    • At the end of the basic course, every young engineer can solder, work with real tools, machines, 3D printers, and use measuring instruments in practice.
    • During the school year, workshops are held on soldering and assembling unusual devices as a gift for a particular holiday. For example, a mysterious decoder card for March 8 or a Christmas tree toy “Singing Santa Claus”.
  • Tangible benefits from exercise
    • Our young engineers take part in competitions and winning prizes.
    • At the Club, children receive real career guidance: they study the work of an electronics engineer, a circuit designer, a programmer, a 3D designer, and a robotics engineer. And not in words, but in deeds.

Our Team
We have been working since 2014, so we have extensive experience in robotics, programming and the development of engineering skills in children.
  • Sergey Aleksandrovich
    I am the founder and senior teacher of the STEM Club "Tesla". I have 2 higher educations, I am a PhD (technical sciences). In addition to working with young engineers, I improve the skills of my colleagues. I have 4 children.
  • Kirill Alexandrovich
    I received 2 higher educations. My specialty is computers and networks. I started working on the SX-386, so I have something to tell my colleagues and teach them. I have 3 children.
  • Stanislav Alexandrovich
    Branch manager
    I received a higher education at MGAPI with a degree in computer systems and networks, which I did for several years after college. Subsequently, I went into aviation and medicine, worked for many years as a civilian specialist for the UN in Africa and the Middle East, and there he began teaching basic subjects to local schoolchildren. My concept is to make the world a better place by changing myself and those around me, which my work at "Tesla" fully corresponds to. I try to instill in young listeners not only skills and knowledge on the subject, but also an interest in how the world works.